Kat Goduco

Tobago is one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean. Sister-island to the larger Trinidad, Tobago is rich in culture, beaches and fantastic food. It is a place where discretion exists and where privacy awaits.  This island is a great place for any undisclosed honeymoon or even a modest sized wedding since most of the hotels are of small to medium size.

Before my trip, I was not sure what to expect. In my mind, I have been used to thinking of Trinidad and Tobago as one entity, in which Tobago did not really exist. After my visit, I have found that Tobago, an island of 54,000 inhabitants, offers an array of adventures through its sights like the Nylon Pool, Fort King George, Store Bay and various beaches with giant turtles basking in the pink sand.

Now that you know some of the fun facts on Trinidad, I can express my thoughts on the Blue Haven Hotel, one of the top-rated hotels in Scarborough. Without a doubt, this beachfront resort offers fantastic views, friendly staff and reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend this hotel to couples looking for a nice secluded resort for a good price.

Check In/Out – 8

When I arrived at the hotel, a friendly staff member who led me to the front desk greeted me. The check-in process was swift and I was quickly directed to my room.

Service – 8

The quality of service was pretty consistent throughout my stay. Many of the staff responded quickly to requests, although it was sometimes challenging to get a staff member on the phone from my room.

Food and Drink – 6

One of the highlights of Tobago, in general, is its food. However, at Blue Haven, there are limited options on when and what a guest can eat. There are specific times for meals and after a certain point in the evening, room service is only limited to a sandwich. There is one bar in the hotel that does not stay open late and the drink selection is pretty limited. Although the meals are delightful when the kitchen is open, a guest would have to find other means of spirits and food if they happen to have a late meal. I will say that all items of the items that I had on the menu seemed tasty and the ambiance was delightful.

Exercise Facilities – 1

There were no exercise facilities on the Blue Haven premises.  The only exercise I got was walking up and down the steps from my room.

Bedding – 6

The beds were firm and the sheets were present. There were no comforters and the blanket was about the size of a throw. I slept ok.

Decorations – 7

The decorations in the lobby were consistent with what a 4-Star, resort offers. However, the decorations in the rooms were inconsistent with the lobby. In each suite, you will find the basics, including a work desk, a tube television, bureau, nightstand and a pretty large closet. Also, the bathroom did have a glass shower wall overlooking the beds. The balcony was a good size and the breathtaking view, of the water, made up for the outdated adornments.

Staff – 9

Most of the staff greeted me with a smile and they were helpful too. Everyone in Tobago speaks English so it was easy to communicate with each other.

Construction/Cleanliness – 8

I was pleased with the property’s cleanliness. Everything seemed fine and in working condition.

Recreation – 7

As stated earlier, there are various activities in Tobago. This island throws multiple food, music and art festivals throughout the year. I had the opportunity to visit a Cocoa Field, sightsee at King Fort George and even eat at the Tree House – an awesome restaurant built in the framework of a live tree. If you are the adventurous type in food, I definitely recommend trying Crab and Dumplings – a delicious local cuisine of Tobagonians. I would have liked to have seen the Nylon Pool in person, however, I am sure it is a Top Sight to experience when going to Tobago.


Value – 8

Blue Haven is a private, affordable getaway. You can expect to experience smiles, peaceful views and opportunity to explore the rest of the island.