There are many benefits to working out together.

Quality Time. Exercising together is a great opportunity for quality time.

A Common Interest. It doesn’t matter if it’s tennis, running, going to the gym, golf, etc.  Sharing an interest is a great way to grow.

Motivation & Support. This is a perfect time to earn bonus points. Exercising together offers the opportunity to motivate and support each other. Couples can also work together to achieve their goals.

With this routine you want to increase cardio stamina and tone targeted muscle groups. You will lose weight and have fun!

Cardio is great, even if the couples are different fitness levels. Most examples can be performed in a gym, but are great fun outdoors.

Walking / Jogging



Riding a bike (either outdoors, on a stationary bike, or in a group cycling class)

Taking a group exercise class together (pilates, yoga, boot camp, zumba, etc)

Hiking / Camping

Playing Tennis / Racquetball

Rafting / Canoeing

Playing Golf

Before starting any workout routine it is very important to do a proper warm-up.


-Begin with a five-minute walk, either outdoors or on a treadmill.

-Stretch any muscles that you plan to use during that day’s workout.  Hold the stretches for 15-30 seconds and do 2-3 repetitions for each.

Workout Routine

Do 3-4 days per week

3 sets of 12

-walking lunges

-dumbbell flys on stability ball

-seated dumbbell curls on stability ball

-wall squats with ball (between mid-lower back and wall when performing squat)

3 sets of 15

-rear deltoid flys on ball with dumbbells (as pictured)

-push-ups/modified push-ups

-overhead triceps extension with dumbbells

-seated overhead dumbbell press on ball (do not bring elbows below the shoulders at bottom of exercise)

3/4 sets of 30 seconds (in order)

-crunches on ball


-push-ups/modified push-ups

-twisting crunches on ball (bring left elbow to right knee, right elbow to left knee)

-standing dumbbell curls (use light weight)

*When using dumbbells for the exercises above, make sure to use a light weight, especially when starting the routine.  The right weight will feel like you could do a few more repetitions at the end of the set.  For example, a set of 12 curls should feel like you could do two or three more. That is a good measuring stick. If you could do more than 8, increase your weight.