The Top Ten Indisputable Facts about The Male Reproductive Process

Everybody talks about them, yet how much do we really know about our spunky little friend the sperm? Most people can guess that sperm are exceptional swimmers, but did you know they are able to withstand decades on ice without getting freezer burn? Or that the girls are more methodical in their work than the boys – who are known for their aggressive, swim faster, play harder, die sooner tendencies? And though nothing much gets these squiggly-tailed swimmers down, like everyone, they perform best when they feel understood, and are treated with a good deal of tender loving care.

Dr. Werlin, founder and director of Coastal Fertility Medical Center in California is dispelling the myths and unveiling the real facts about the male reproductive process in his Top Ten Indisputable Facts about the Male Reproductive Process. Why not do everything you can to maximize your fertility potential?

1. Stayin’ alive

Sperm can live for up to 72 hours in the human body, impregnating a woman as late as three days after the fact. “Sperm can get trapped in the valley of the cervix and be released periodically,” said Werlin. Sperm can also survive in a lab for many days.

2. New generation.

Sperm have a lifecycle of 74 days, and regenerate every 90 days. It’s an all or nothing approach. If sperm are negatively affected by environmental factors, you will have to wait for the next cycle of sperm to develop in order to maximize fertility.

3. Strong, yet sensitive.

Sperm are sensitive creatures. They are affected by many environmental factors including toxins and pesticides. If you’re going to be around toxins, protect yourself by wearing long sleeves, gloves, mask and a radiation suit (well maybe not the radiation suit).

4. Temperate testicles.

The testicles maintain a temperature of one degree less than body temperature and are sensitive to heat, which leads us to…

5. Boxers are best.

Those “tighty whitey” and designer underwear are not sperm-friendly. They increase heat to the area, affecting sperm quality for the entire three-month cycle.

6. Avoid hot tubs.

I know this may cramp your game but sperm like it cool.

7. Laptops and lap dogs be gone!

The myth is somewhat true. It’s mostly the heat and not the radiation that will cause sperm to wilt. The excessive heat will disrupt the natural temperature so use a pillow to protect you if you must have the laptop or dog on your lap.

8. Freezer-friendly.

Sperm can survive for decades if it is necessary to preserve them for future use due to illness or family planning needs.

9. A Little Goes A Long Way.

The first moments are crucial. Sperm can impregnate even if a man does not fully ejaculate because 90 percent of the sperm are poised for action in the first few drops that are released. I’m sure you didn’t want to know that fact.

10. Butt out.

Cigarette smoke restricts blood vessels, and negatively affects sperm by altering nutrient intake. Yes, second-hand smoke too.

Various people respond to environmental situations differently. If your neighbor is making fertilizer angels in the front yard but still has a bevy of kids, it doesn’t mean you should hop in with him. If you are seriously considering starting a family or just want to protect yourself, it is best to be cautious. If you are not, at least you have an answer to the boxers or briefs debate.