Peyton Roules

Women must be smarter than us because they’ll take a weekly trip to a spa while we play tackle football with the guys in our mid 30’s. We’re wrapping ourselves with Ace bandages and getting ACL tears for no specific reason. If joining your wife at the spa isn’t going to happen (hopefully you’re not allowing foolish pride to block you from enjoying this treat), Carrie Reinagel, Spa Director at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard, a favorite retreat for celebrities, offers her “Spa-at-Home” suggests ideas for simple things you can do to create a healthier and calming spa-like environment in your house.

Carrie’s Top 10 Tips on How to Bring the Spa Home:

  • Create a positive space with items you both will find lovely—candles, bamboo, images of loved ones, stones, shells, crystals, flowers.
  • Store a foot massager and microwavable neck wrap under the coffee table—pull them out and use them when you are watching TV.
  •  Together, plant a windowsill herb garden, or a few vegetables. Working with the earth and seeing plants grow will reconnect the two of you to the cyclical nature of life.
  •  Learn and do simple self-massage of hands, arms, and neck while you watch TV or stand in line. Teach her how to do it and exchange massages.
  •  Take her for a short walk each day or participate in a 10-minute workout or yoga tape.
  •  Once a week, give her one-hour for an uninterrupted bath, full body dry brushing (keeps skin soft without lotion), hair mask, face mask, foot scrub, and nail polish change. You may want the same…or something similar.
  •  Schedule her time to do whatever she needs to feel sexy and beautiful. Give her baby powder if she has oily hair, it absorbs oil when sprinkled on the roots and makes hair feel new. Buy new body spritz from some place like The Body Shop or even target. Get extra points by purchasing toner or perfume.
  •  Make bedtime a ritual for nurturing your spirit. This is a great opportunity to help re-center with self-affirming rituals and comforting personal items such as silky pajamas, a good pillow and pillow spray.
  •  Keep baby wipes and homemade peppermint foot lotion by your bed so you can clean and massage her feet. Then, elevate her legs on a pillow and give her a soothing novel or allow her to meditate.
  •  Buy a guided visualization or meditation tape to clear and focus the mind.