Taking care of your hair is often considered feminine. And then you become a member of the Hair Club for men trying to regrow your long gone mane. Fill your scalp with the proper nutrients and quality products now and you may be able to avoid the receding hairlines and last-minute foams.

1. Woody’s Daily Shampoo

Shampoo is detergent. It’s main job is to get stuff out. If there is anything you want to get cheaply, start here. But a detergent that is too strong can create problems for you. Woody’s combats this by hydrating your hair while cleaning. It also incorporates DHT blockers to fight the hormones responsible for thinning hair.

2. Woody’s Daily Conditioner

The conditioner is the important one. After cleaning your hair and removing nutrients, dirt and everything else, the conditioner strengthens your hair to deal with daily conditions. With tea tree jojoba oil, the conditioner has a nice tingle and leaves your scalp feeling smooth and fresh. Only 30 seconds needed to get the desired effect.

3. Woody’s Web

Depending on your style, you may choose a grease, pomade, web, etc. You have to pick something, don’t let your hair decide. Woody’s web is good with slightly medium weight. It has regular hold and the same nutrients in to help fight thinning hair.

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